Basics of Basement Finishing

Are you considering transforming your dank, musty basement into a studio apartment, game room or office? You may be pretty handy and have a design in mind, however, the process of Basement Finishing is an extensive undertaking.

Before you start your Basement Finishing project there are a few crucial steps that should not be overlooked. Cutting corners and rushing the process will most likely cost you more money and time throughout your project. Permitting Since Basement finishing often requires structural inspections and licensed building trades to perform the work, most localities will require permits to be pulled for your project. During the permitting process it's important to identify any building or zoning violations in relation to your project. Zoning Familiarizing yourself with the local building codes and zoning requirements will help you determine the necessary steps for your project. Your basement is likely to have some code violations if your house is more than a few decades old. For example, many older basements don't have egress windows, which allow for an alternative escape route in the event of a fire. All local building code requirements will need to be met during your basement renovation process. Foundation Before you begin insulating or hanging drywall in your basement, you should have your foundation inspected to make sure it has maintained its integrity over the years. Keep an eye out for Uneven or Slanted floors, Windows and Doors that don't latch and Bulging or Cracked Walls. When investing in Finishing your basement, you want your project to be managed with quality and efficiency in mind. Reach out to Appalachian Builders Collective today for any questions you may have regarding your Basement Finishing Project.

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