Tips for your next Bathroom Remodel

When you’re planning for your Bathroom Remodel, it’s important to consider why you’re updating this space. Are you trying to get more space, reimagining the aesthetic or thinking of resale? Clarifying your hopes and expectations for the finished product with your contractor will encourage a more enjoyable process.

What’s the Focus?

After you get clear on your remodeling why’s, next is to pick out the focus of your Bathroom Remodel. Is it the Shower, Vanity or a luxurious tub? We recommend picking one or two things to really emphasize and keep the rest of your design neutral.

Picking Materials

To ensure the design and finishes of your Bathroom Remodel remain timeless, choose fixtures and materials that don’t go out of style. A few examples of timeless bathroom finishes are White porcelain sinks and conventional tile finishes. Trendier accessories will go out of style, it’s just a matter of time.

Double check your Plumbing location

One of the hardest and costly things to change during your Bathroom Remodel, is your plumbing. Check in with your contractor to see what the best options are for relocating or adding additional plumbing.

Think about Resale

Bathrooms boost value. Aim to make your bathroom appealing to yourself and to others. At the time of resale, you will likely recoup most of your investment.

How about a Simple Bathroom Makeover?

If you're looking to freshen up your bathroom space without going all out, consider swapping out your Countertops, Mirror or Faucet. These are simple changes that can make a big impact!

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