Tips for Deck Building: Refurbishing and Re-decking

Refurbishing and Re-decking Is your deck due for a makeover? You may not need to build a completely new deck in order to refresh your beloved outdoor space. Replacing your decking boards is one of the most common ways to save your deck and your budget. Before you get started, you’ll want to inspect the framing to ensure your deck is still structurally sound. Structural Assessment Often, when inspecting decks over 20 years old, there are some structural repairs that are necessary. The extent of these repairs depends highly on various factors including exposure to sun, water, materials, quality of construction practices and the level of maintenance over the years. In some cases, when the damage is too severe or you are planning to alter the shape, height or foundation of your deck, replacing the entire deck is your best option. Re-decking Choosing the type of decking you want is the next step. Pressure treated decking boards are cheaper to install than composite or other systems, however, demand more maintenance and will need to be replaced much more frequently. During the re-decking process, railings are temporarily removed for workability, which offers the opportunity to match your deck’s new aesthetic with new railings as well. Popular choices for homeowners are Aluminum, Composite, Steel Cable or Hog Wire railings. These alternatives to wood railings require less maintenance and can do wonders when it comes to updating your deck’s visual appeal. When you’re ready to stop daydreaming and get started, Call Appalachian Builders Collective today to arrange a free consultation!

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