Making more Space with your Kitchen Remodel

There are many things to consider when planning for a Kitchen Remodel. Wall and Floor use, Cabinet placement and layout of counter space to name a few. No matter how outdated your kitchen may be, if you don’t enjoy spending time there, it’s most likely the general layout that is causing you the most frustration. Here are a few examples of how a functionality-centered design can impact your kitchen: -Incorporating updated, sleeker appliances -Removing walls, adding windows and doors to open up the space and let more light in (We highly recommend consulting with a professional before altering any structural elements). -Better Cabinets and storage solutions can make your kitchen feel bigger without increasing the footprint -Decluttering your Kitchen’s Flow can free up counter, floor and wall space

Traditionally, kitchen design has incorporated a working triangle in relation to the sink, refrigerator and stove. We’re not knocking tradition, but often the working triangle design can inhibit the space and flow of a kitchen. Here are some Kitchen Design Ideas that incorporate functionality with an open and inviting aesthetic.

Standard Kitchen Remodel Design

High End Kitchen Remodel Design

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