Four ways to prepare for a home remodel!

Are you planning a home remodel and wondering where to start? Look no further, we listed four things we have found helpful when preparing for a remodeling project.

1. Do your Homework

Each home remodel is unique and will require it's own considerations and planning. Although, bathroom, kitchen and basement remodels are popular you will need to decide which spaces are likely to provide a larger return on your investment. 2. Ask Questions Before starting your remodel there are important questions you will want to ask. Work out the details while discussing functionality, design, features and value. Get clear on what is driving your remodel. Do you want to inspire more comfort in your home or are you more interested in increasing market value? 3. Make a Budget Setting a budget is one of the most important steps of preparing for a home remodel. For your project to be successful, a detailed and well planned budget is necessary to keep you on track. This includes products, materials, labor and any other unforeseen costs. A realistic budget will help you set your expectations, communicate with contractors and offer you peace of mind. 4. Hire a Reliable Contractor Finding the right contractor for your project can be challenging, even more so when you're under a time constraint. Seek to find a contractor that can respect your budget, schedule and expectations. Asking family or friends for recommendations or reading online reviews for contractors in your area can help you find a trustworthy professional for your project. As my dad always says, Plan your work and work your plan!

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