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Personalized Approach

We enjoy working alongside the needs of our clients to build a shared vision and ensure complete satisfaction when working together. We're thankfully involved in our local building trades community, and enjoy collaborative relationships with Mark Bondurant from Rare Earth Builders and Missel and Company LLC in Consulting and Contracting. 


Excellence and Professionalism

We're grateful to be part of a dedicated team of workers, owners and associates with over 30 years of building experience. Our collective contracting models have proven to encourage increased efficiency, quality of work and shared responsibility. In the evenings, it’s common for our members to have phone calls and excitedly share ideas of how to build things the next day.   


Appalachian Builders Collective is a proud Living Wage Employer. Our Company, Contracts and Workers are fully Licensed (NC # 84491) and Insured with A-Rated Workers Compensation and General Liability Insurance.  All work performed by Appalachian Builders Collective carries a 1-year installation warranty.

Licensed & Insured